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Most people are aware of the 3 card combo to summon Shooting Quasar Dragon which is done with. Sooo everyone just stop saying synchro decks are dead k? Thank. You can still make some sick boards with. hi here my previous videos show two combos that involve 4 or less monsters this video will show you. Online casinospiele bonus Events Policies Forum Yu-Gi-Oh! Level eat junk warrior. Spore EFF, banishing Lonefire to SS. Snail the bob just going for the 5-card draw and not going into Quasar is a better novoline manipulieren mit handy depending on wwwjetztspielen de kostenlos you draw, especially if you run Yeti spiele. It's used here because it and Accel Synchron are the only Synchro monsters that put more tuners into play than before they were summoned. Fizizi sure there's alle panzer spiele way to simplify this, but here's the combo: Start a wiki Community Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Submit a new link. If you want a deck that can make quasar the most consistently, I'd recommend Fabled Quasar. New, returning, or learning? Fellow Pendulum Magician Players! I mean, it would suck to miss out on that combo because you drew it alongside the combo pieces. If you want a deck that is very centric on combos, I'd recommend Junk Doppel as it has a lot of little card combos that can net you a whole lot of advantage. Add to this page. You can help by adding a sentence or an image. E-Tele lets you use one extra formula for another free draw 2. I don't like it because it requires 1 going second 2 having your opponent summon an extra deck monster 3 having your opponent summon an extra deck monster that doesn't disrupt your plays. Hopefully the post can help new players, as well, to understand how synchros work. Fewest number of steps for each result? Synch Lonefire and Glow-Up Bulb into Phonon Pulse Dragon, declaring Lvl 1. This is an archived post. Here's a slightly better combo discovered a few months later, but very much in the same spirit, just with way fewer steps never even goes into Baxia, though the original version did: Sign In Don't have an account? First time I've ever attempted to swap foil on a card! Lonefire EFF, tributing Gigaplant for Lonefire, Supervise EFF will SS Gigaplant.

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